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Our Newly Bred Frenchies

The Next Generation


The Fluffy Frenchie is not much different than a standard French Bulldog. The only real distinction is that they have hair that is fluffier than average. It is especially noticeable around the ears. Their appearance is a genetic difference caused by a gene that many French Bulldogs carry but rarely do two come together in the right way.

Caring for a Fluffy Frenchie is not a difficult task, but it requires some attention and planning. There are common health issues that you should consider before taking one as a pet. They are wonderful “lapdogs,” meaning they love to be close to people and sit with them. They do not like to be alone for a long time, making them great companions for large families or people that spend a lot of time at home. 

Available  DOB 1/23/24 

*PLEASE READ These are Exotic Fluffy Frenchies they'll be healthy, small and compact with tan points along with beautiful features, we're super excited because honestly we did our homework with this breeding. Our Re-homing fee is $4,800 the deposit is $1,000 but if paid in full the price reduce to $4,100. They'll be ready to come home to you March 24th, each puppy will come with their first round of shots, deworming and AKC certificate. We pride ourselves on the 4 week training course  that include crate training, pad training, environment sound training and more. If you're interested you can save by paying in full or pay $1,000 dep the balance will be due same day as pick. if you're ready to stop traffic and turn heads give us a call or text.( the fee does increase every week until pups are 8 weeks)
Contact us if you're interested in a specific puppy or have questions about our future litters.
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